Which Regulator’s Forex License Is Easier or Stricter to Obtain?  GFSC Global’s Founder and CEO Speaks

Which Regulator’s Forex License Is Easier or Stricter to Obtain?  GFSC Global’s Founder and CEO Speaks

The financial services industry is undergoing sweeping changes driven by regulatory developments and continued consolidation in the sector. If you’re a new forex broker or looking to start a brokerage business, obtaining a license is one of the first things. However, this involves many factors that you need to consider.

Today, Fazzaco caught up with Isavella Evripidou, the founder and CEO of GFSC Global, to explore the topic of forex license.

Fazzaco: Hello Isavella, happy to have you at Fazzaco. As a start, could you please give us a introduction about yourself and GFSC Global?

Isavella: Hello, thank you for having me at Fazzaco.

Please allow me to introduce GFSC Global, International Corporate and Legal Service Provider, licensed in EU and other jurisdictions, with over 20 years of experience in Corporate, Legal, Immigration, Gaming, Financial, Banking and Accounting services with main goal to offer a full range of high quality, tailor-made services to our corporate and physical clients worldwide through our qualified team of professionals. We offer services in more than 100 jurisdictions.

Fazzaco: What motivated you to create GFSC Global and what need does the company aim to meet?

Isavella: By having more than 20 years of experience in Corporate, Financial (global financial markets), Banking, Crypto/ STO/ ICO, Gaming, Regulatory, Immigration, AML and Compliance industries, I wanted to combine business intelligence/ethics and my knowledge of international laws and regulations, which definitely gave us the opportunity to offer best tailor made solutions, understand customer’s needs, and able to provide our professional services worldwide.

GFSC Global is a boutique one-stop-shop Service Provider that can provide services from A to Z in more than 100 jurisdictions. We want our customers to be relaxed and run their business, we are behind them as a supporting arm, dealing with consulting, legal, immigration, regulatory and many more services in each country.

Fazzaco: Fazzaco has learned that GFSC Global will attend the iFX EXPO Dubai. What opportunities does an event like iFX EXPO 2021 offer you?

Isavella: I’ve always preferred to meet my clients, partners, associates and counterparties face to face, as this gives us the opportunity to meet better the other party and understand the cooperation or solutions they would need. Opportunities like this event give us the freedom for gathering and finding the best match for us and for our customers

Fazzaco: In the post-pandemic era, would you choose to attend an online expo and why?

Isavella: I have attended an online expos during the pandemic times, but I cannot say that it’s the same as this event. We missed the face to face meetings (hahaha)

Fazzaco: GSFC offers licensing solutions for Forex companies in various jurisdictions, which one is the most popular among brokers?

Isavella: We do offer licensing solutions in: Cyprus, Malta, UK, Latvia, Belarus, Gibraltar, Poland, Bulgaria, Ireland, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Lithuania, Mauritius, Cayman Islands, Seychelles, Belize, BVI, Singapore, Australia, Vanuatu, Hong Kong, Labuan, South Africa, Bahamas, Georgia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Isle of Man, St Vincent and the Grenadines and many others. The most popular in EU is Cyprus, Ireland and within offshore is Mauritius, Seychelles, Belize, UK

Fazzaco: Different jurisdictions have different license requirements, which regulator tends to be easier or stricter?

Isavella: Definitely each jurisdiction has different license requirements, but we can guarantee with a confidence that we know them all and can fully assist any application with full success. Easiest jurisdiction is Cyprus, Mauritius, Belize, Vanuatu and stricter is Czech Republic and Australia

Fazzaco: Compared with applying licence by broker themselves, what are the benefits of using GFSC Global’s service? Is a common practice of delegated applying in forex industry?

Isavella: Not everybody can apply for a license. There are many Regulators that do not accept direct communication, except the local Service Providers. Who will be your local Service Provider? Will you trust them your case? Are you confident that they have the experience with Financial licensing? A lot of providers promise that they can do the licensing and even give unrealistic costs, either they are cheap or expensive, but the application depends from understanding of needs of your customers to how to introduce it to the Regulator.

The best result comes with years of experience, which we have. For so many years we never had any rejections. Why? Because we, in GFSC Global, are team of professional experts where first: we understand the customer’s needs, second: offer the best tailor-made solution, which sometimes could be completely different of what our customers had in their mind and then third: apply successfully for a license

Fazzaco: ESMA and ASIC new regulations has been in force, how have these regulatory changes affected your business? And How are you adapting your products or services?

Isavella: Actually its never affected our business, as we never depended from 1 or 2 markets. We were always worldwide. We always had solutions in parallel or all new regulations in other jurisdictions. We always had clients that did not mind the ESMA or ASIC new regulations, which are definitely not for start-ups. Our clients are with us for many years. The word of “mouth-to-mouth” works as a certification of quality for us and for our professional services provided. Our clients trust us for so many years, as we are honest, professional and find the best solutions! We are Your Global Financial Services Consultants!

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