Post Licensing Support

Internal and external audits: These services are offered to companies of all sizes and in all industries. These companies want to outsource their Internal Audit function and External Audit CRS and FATCA reporting.

Compliance Support: Companies are required to be compliant to the law. At GFSC Global, we provide companies with outsourced Compliance Support Officers.

Risk Management: Some of our services in risk management are Capital Adequacy Reporting (CAR), Internal Capital Adequacy Process (ICAAP), and Cash Management among others.

Regulations: Companies operate in a highly-regulated industry. We consult with companies to provide them with trustworthy, unbiased, and sound advice on many industries. These include taxes, investment law, and companies’ law.

Capital Adequacy: We help companies in ensuring that they have adequate capital as required by law. Our professionals are well-aware of different laws and they help in keeping companies in the know.

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GFSC Global is a leading international corporate and legal services company. Our company has decades of experience serving local and international companies in most parts of the world.

At GFSC Global, we offer multiple services to corporate organizations in all sectors of the economy. Some of our services are company incorporation, tax consulting, legal services, licensing, banking, audit and accounting, and financial advisory to global organizations.