Licensing Services

Investment Funds

The asset management industry is facing significant changes. In recent years, the amount of capital flowing to these funds has been on an upward trend. More funds are now using technology to manage money. At GFSC Global, we serve global, local, and regional investment funds.

Payment Services

For a firm to provide businesses with online payment products for their clientele, it has to have a payment service provider (PSP) license. At GFSC Global, we realize that online monetary transactions have been embraced by most individuals in their daily lives.


Electronic money (e-money) is an industry that is changing the world. It allows people to handle cash transactions without using cash. Cashless transactions have been enabled by online and mobile companies. There are many benefits of e-money such as security, speed, and efficiency.

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The banking sector is the most important in most countries. It is important because banks are the ones that provide finances that help economies grow. Banks are also delicate because they have the capacity to collapse economies. As such, countries have placed strict measures to regulate the banking industry.

E-Gaming & Gambling

E-Gaming and Gambling are fast-growing industries that are also attracting a lot of regulatory attention. The two industries have evolved such that most of them are being done online. An e-gaming or gambling license allows companies to conduct gambling and betting services online or in a physical office.

Post Licensing Support

At GFSC Global, we are the fastest-growing licensing company in Europe. We have a team of competent multidisciplinary professionals in more than 70 countries. Every day, we help companies to receive local, regional, and international licenses. Our work does not end there.


Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing industry. Developed in 2009, the industry has seen significant growth. At one point in 2017, the combined market value of cryptocurrencies was almost $1 trillion. In the past few years, many blockchain-related companies have been formed.