Legal Division

Legal Services

Legal Services are provided by a Global team of professional lawyers, regulated by the Bar Associations, who consistently follow a customer-centric approach by acknowledging that each customer is unique and consistently each approach should be exclusive.

GFSC Global is able to provide advice regarding any regulation related to the companies, administration, and management, ranging from Companies Law, Taxation Law, Investment Firms Law, Investment Funds Law, and EU and/or non-EU regulations.

Our legal division can assist you with any legal documentation and/or services which may be requested such as, but not limited to:

  1. Legal opinions
  2. Various types of agreements such as:
    • Sales
    • Employment
    • Escrow
    • Share Purchase
    • Shareholders
    • Agency
    • Cooperation Agreements etc.
  3. GDPR advisory services
  4. ISO certifications
  5. Seminars and in-house trainings

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Our Legal Team Represents
Clients In A Wide Range Of Disputes Including:

Our legal team is experienced in personal injury claims. Whether it is emotional or bodily harm, our experts will provide you with the most reliable legal advice and legal proceedings.

Our Legal Division is made up of professionals who are capable and ready to provide topnotch litigation services to individuals or corporations facing any financial dispute.

In the event of a conflict within your business, contact our Legal Division for efficient commercial legal services. Whether it is a partnership dispute, issues amongst the shareholders, breach of contract, or any other clash within the business setup, we guarantee you exemplary legal guidance.

Our property litigation services are applicable to commercial, industrial, and residential entities. If you are landlord, tenant, purchaser, constructor, or developer who is engaged in a dispute, rely on our experts to represent you dedicatedly and efficiently.

We realize that family issues are often sensitive. Accordingly, trust, and discretion are the primary principles that govern our advisory and litigation proceedings on matters such as asset distribution, divorce, child custody, and paternity concerns.

The professionals in our Legal and Immigration Divisions collaborate to take care of the immigration and residency proceedings on behalf of our clients.  We alleviate your troubles by helping you with the application for citizenship, permanent residency, work permit, or visa to different European countries. We also represent our clients in Supreme and District Courts as well as deal with other immigration authorities.

The legal team at GFSC Global is conversant with the labor and employment laws in different European nations. Accordingly, they offer reliable advice and meditation for workers and employers on different employment issues such as the rights and obligations of employers and their employees, dismissals, and contracts.

In criminal lawsuits, our legal experts advise clients expansively and represents them in a manner that ensures that their civil rights are completely protected and properly protected. We deal with such lawsuits as traffic offenses, fraud, drug offenses, prosecutions, property-related crimes, and miscarriages of justice.