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Italian authorities launched the Golden Visa program in 2017. The Golden Visa, also known as the Investor Visa, allows people to obtain Italian residence permits by investment.
There are four investments options that vary in terms of investment sum. The cheapest one is an investment in an innovative startup – €250,000+. The most popular option, though, is an investment in a philanthropic organization – €1,000,000+.
Under the Golden Visa program, an investor obtains a residence permit for two years, and then it can be extended for three- year periods. After ten years of residing in Italy, the investor and their family members can apply for Italian citizenship and travel to 190 countries visa-free.

1. Visa-free travel to the Schengen countries

Italian residents visit the Schengen Area without a visa and spend up to 90 days out of 180 there.

2. Creating of safe haven or moving to Italy

The investor Visa allows its holder to enter Italy at any time, even when the country’s borders are closed for foreigners.

Residents can stay in the country with no time limits. At the same time, they are not obliged to live in Italy if the don’t plan to obtain citizenship.

3. Special tax regime

Foreigners become tax residents in Italy if they spend at least 183 days a year there.

To apply for a special tax regime, new residents need to pay an annual tax of €100,000 for themselves and an additional €25,000 for each family member. In this case, they are exempt from taxes on profit outside Italy. They also need to pay gift and inheritance taxes on Italians assets only.

The duration of a special tax regime is 15 years.

4. European education for children

Children with Italian residence permits can enroll in Italian universities on the same conditions as Italian citizens. The tuition fee will be lower than for foreign students.

5. Residency for family members

The investor can add their close family members to the application, and they will obtain a residency as well. Among the people who can participate alongside the investor are a spouse, minor children, disabled children over 18 and parents.

6. Way to become Italian citizenship

Investor can apply for citizenship after residing in Italy for ten years. Italian citizens can live in any EU country and travel to 190 countries visa-free, including the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia.

1. Investment in an innovative startup – €250,000+

2. Business investment – €500,000+

3. Investment in a philanthropic organization – €1,000,000+

4. Purchase of government bonds – €2,000,000+

The process takes 3+ months.

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