Global Trust Formation

Trusts are a significant Wealth Management tool in accomplishing tax-efficient solutions for gifting, wealth preservation, transfer and much more. From asset transfer to family trusts, our experienced team will help you supply financial security for your spouse or future generations and implement personalized wealth transfer strategies.

Through professional investment services we provide the expertise to structure and manage the trust, protecting the real value of your assets during your lifetime. In addition, our team recognizes the hard work our clients have done to build and/or sustain their wealth throughout their lifetime as well as of the complexities involved in preserving what they have created and in potentially passing on to the future generations.

GFSC Global team of highly experienced professionals can advise you on establishing an International Trust, tailored to your specific business and personal needs.

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What is a Trust?

Trusts are often seen to be complicated. In reality, they are simple financial management tools that help people avoid conflict, lower taxes, and ensure continuity. A simple example is that of a billionaire with two sons who are aged 10 and 7. The billionaire can create a trust with funds that these children will receive when they turn 18 years. As such, rather than hand the funds to them currently, the funds will be in a safe, interest-bearing account.

Another example is a rich person who wants to do good long after he is gone. The person can create a trust with specific instructions on how his wealth will be divided.

There are several benefits of having a trust. First, a well-designed trust is a tax-effective way of increasing the amount of money you leave your kids. Second, a trust can help lower conflicts in families. Third, it is a good tool to ensure peace of mind when you are alive.

Why GFSC Global

At GFSC Global, our team of international trust experts will help you create a strategy that will help you have peace of mind. We understand that trust formation is often an emotional issue. Our team is made up of all people you will need when creating your trust. Our team is made up of financial advisors and legal advisors with decades in the industry. Over the years, we have helped international citizens create the most tax-effective trusts.

We offer these services with the budget of our customers at the back of our minds. We have representative in almost 70 countries. These reps help us understand the law and taxation issues when it comes to trusts so that we can advice our customers on the best places to leave their trusts.

Other services that we offer are trust administration and dispute resolution, legal and tax advice, custodian services, asset management, and tax and insurance planning.