Corporate Services

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Company Formations

GFSC Global focuses on all services related to local and international company registration. Our aim is to assist our clients in getting their companies incorporated within the quickest possible time frame, in the most professional way. We provide the highest quality of service, at the most reasonable costs.

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Accounting Services

At GFSC Global, we have a qualified team of financial experts who have a combined experience of more than 20 years. Our members belong to various local and international finance organizations. We have a good understanding of the changing field of accounting and audit. We conduct accounting, auditing, and advisory services to companies in all industries.

Immigration and Residence

We operate in a world that has become more global. Immigration issues are at the core of all companies. At GFSC Global, we have a competent team of lawyers and consultants that help companies and individuals deal with immigration issues. We are available in more than 70 countries and are always aware about the changing immigration rules.

Global Trust Formations

Trusts are essential tools in money management. Companies and individuals want to ensure that their funds are administered in the best way possible. They also want their trusts to pay as little taxes as possible. At GFSC Global, our team of consultants are experienced in forming and overseeing trusts. We guide our clients and offer unbiased advice on how to manage these trusts.

Virtual Office Worldwide

Companies are more global these days. With technology, companies don’t need to have a physical presence in multiple countries. As a result, the concept of virtual offices has become very essential. At GFSC Global, our team of consultants serve global companies in helping them find and establish the most-efficient and cost-effective virtual offices.

Trademark Registration

Companies spend a fortune in research and development (R&D). It is in this R&D that companies come with unique intellectual property. Many unscrupulous companies are in the business of stealing these trade secrets. At GFSC Global, we help companies register their trademarks and other intellectual property and defend them in a court of law.

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Legal Division

Our legal division is equipped with some of the most-recognized legal minds. Our lawyers are specialized in multiple sectors and are members of various international bar associations. We take each client seriously and offer unbiased legal advice.