If you still confuse Dominica and the Dominican Republic, we hasten to clearly distinguish these two designations. The Commonwealth of Dominica has nothing to do with the Dominican Republic, which is former Spanish colony. The state of Dominica gained independence from the United Kingdom in November 1978 and is English-speaking country, in contrast to Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic.

Dominica is party to large number of international organizations, namely: the Commonwealth of Nations, the Organization of American States, and is member of the UN and the Caribbean Commonwealth.

Dominica is recognized as one of the most picturesque countries in the Caribbean. The climate is mild, especially during the period from December to March. The area occupied by Dominica is about 800 km2. And the population is approximately 65,000 people, 3,000 of whom are indigenous inhabitants of the Caribbean. The main feature of all the residents of Dominica which is well-known in the world is hospitality.

The registration of offshore company in Dominica is becoming increasingly popular. Business in Dominica is progressively attracting foreign investors as well as residents of the state.


  • Registration of offshore company in Dominica is extremely simple and quick procedure. Only one or two days are required for the registration chamber to consider the application;
  • Lack of taxes for a certain period (usually up to 20 years);
  • Low rates of company registration and its maintenance;
  • $ 100 is enough to establish company in Dominica;
  • Lack of requirements for being audited and submitting accounting statements;
  • Confidentiality guaranteed by law;
  • The use of nominal service is allowed.


  • Clarifying your business objectives.
  • Choosing and verifying a business name for a future entity.
  • Collecting the data about founders, beneficial owners, and the management of a future entity.
  • Drafting and formalizing statutory documents.
  • Actually providing the registration of a new company.
  • Registration for tax and social security purposes.
  • Obtaining additional licenses and permits (required for certain types of activities, like banking, financial services).

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