The Republic of Costa Rica is one of the smallest States in Central Africa. Costa Rica bordered by two Countries: by Panama to the southeast and by Nicaragua to the north.

According to Report of World International Forum Costa Rica hits top 40 (out of 132) of Economical Countries and has the first place in Latin America. Economic, political and social stability of the State was recognized by international community. In 1949 Costa Rica cancelled involuntary military service.

Costa Rica has healthy political, financial, and economic Stability. The State can guarantee the absolute inviolability. Also, there are no war conflicts, revolutions, or cataclysms. Costa Rica is the first State in Latin America which applies Democracy. State has Spanish law system (based on Roman Law), Ex President – Nobel laureate in social questions. The State signed treaty with USA about free trade etc.

Prices on Realty are stable, when prices go down in all world, in Costa Rica Prices comes up due to high quality of service and due to good quality of Buildings. That fact may give you profit from realty trading.


Costa Rica is one of the favourite countries in Central America for investors and entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their businesses. Costa Rica is known for having strong ties with the United States, as well as being a business-friendly country for foreign investors and tourists. The country has a low crime rate and beautiful tropical weather.


You can register a company in Costa Rica after going through the following steps:

  • Selection of the most acceptable organizational-legal form and formation of the list of activities in which the company plans to engage.
  • Selection and reservation of a unique business name for the new legal entity.
  • Legal registration of an official address for the new company.
  • Claiming and executing all the documents on the shareholders, ultimate beneficiaries, as well as managers of the company.
  • Drawing up and duly executing all constituent documents and application forms.
  • Submission of the formed package of registration documents, including a bank statement on payment of the registration fee, for consideration. Entering information about the new company into the
  • Commercial Register and issuing a certificate of registration.
  • Registration of a new legal entity for mandatory tax and social payments.
  • Opening of corporate bank accounts.

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