The Cook Islands is an archipelago located in Oceania. More specifically, the islands are situated between New Zealand and Hawaii, in the southern part of the vast Pacific Ocean.

The northern part of the archipelago is represented by islands of volcanic origin, the southern part – by coral atolls. The archipelago is famous for its exuberant and diverse culture. Each island has its own traditional crafts and customs. The islands are especially known for traditional dance festivals.

The Cook Islands does not suffer from numerous tourist visits. They attract those who are ready to see what Polynesian lands were before the Europeans came there.

The area of the islands is 240 km2.

Approximately 21 thousand people inhabit the territory of the state.

Avarua is the capital of the Cook Islands. The official language is English, and the local Maori language is also widely used.

The New Zealand dollar is the local monetary unit.


  • unique conditions for the development of tourism (prolific climate, beautiful reefs, tropical thickets);
  • extremely low crime rate;
  • modern developed infrastructure;
  • low taxes;
  • political stability.
  • the basis of the economy of the state is the travel industry.


  • The company can conduct any activities permitted by law;
  • The company shall have registered office and registration agent in the territory of the islands;
  • The name of the company on the Cook Islands should include the word Limited or the abbreviation Ltd;
  • The amount of the authorized capital shall be equal to $ 5000. It is not necessary to pay it;
  • Issue of bearer shares is not allowed;
  • It is allowed to issue shares without declared par value;
  • The minimum number of directors and shareholders (natural persons or legal entities) is 1 person;
  • Nominee service is allowed (including directors and shareholders);
  • Information on offshore banking transactions on the Cook Islands, as well as on the owners of the company is not available to third parties. Only the decision of the local court can cause its disclosure;
  • Meetings of shareholders and directors can be held anywhere in the world;
  • Owners of the company shall personally decide upon the place of storage of documents;
  • There is no currency control;
  • The terms of registration for offshore company on the Cook Islands is approximately two weeks after filing of all necessary documentation.

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