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Sweden is located in northern Europe and borders Finland, Norway, and Denmark to the east, north and west, and southwest respectively. It is the largest state in northern Europe and the third largest one in the EU (European Union). Within the European continent, it is the fifth largest nation. It has a population is about 10.2 million people and a GDP of more than $538 billion. Notably, Sweden is one of the attractive regions for establishing a business in Europe. 

Reasons for Registering a Company in Sweden

There are various aspects that makes Sweden one of the suitable European regions to start a business. This includes:

  1. Sweden is known for its proficient workforce due to the synergies created between Swedish colleges, research institutions, and the private sector. 
  2. It has a stable economy, strong public finances, and a sound banking scheme. 
  3. There is political stability.
  4. Due to extensive public investments, it is characterized by excellent infrastructure. 
  5. With it being a member of the European Union, it offers access to a broad market consisting of 28 nations. In fact, the Nordic market alone – which comprises of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland – is the 11th leading economy globally.    
  6. The enacted corporate tax is one of the lowest in the world and it depends on a firm’s annual returns.        

Steps of Registering a Business in Sweden

The process of starting an enterprise in Sweden is relatively easy compared to other European nations. 

  1. Choose the type of business that you intend to venture into. The applicable entities include a sole trader, trading partnership, limited company, non-profit association, and an economic association. Each classification has certain legal requirements.
  2. Register the enterprise with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. However, in the case of a sole trader, one does not have to execute this step though it is helpful in protecting the firm’s name.
  3. Register the business with the Swedish Tax Agency. This step also entails applying for business VAT, entity as an employer, and F-tax approval.     
  4. Register with the sectoral organizations. For example, it is recommended to register with the Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Association if you are starting a hotel or restaurant.


What are the costs of registering a business in Sweden?

The most common business type to start in Sweden is a Limited Company, which is known as Aktiebolog, in Swedish. To register such a company, you need at least SEK 50,000 in share capital. Other costs that you will need are the company name search and legal fees. The legal fees depend on the lawyer or law firm that you use. 

What is the corporate tax rate in Sweden?

The rate is 22%; a figure that is one of the lowest across the globe. Like with most European countries, there is a VAT in Sweden. The standard rate is 25%, which drops to 12% and 6%. 

How long does it take to register a company in Sweden?

With most of the work being done at the one stop shop, if you have all the documents, it takes less than a month for the process to complete.

How GFSC Can Help

At GFSC, we are one of the biggest consultancy firms, who assists with registration companies in Europe. We have officials in all countries in the region and can help you register your business, handle the immigration issues, protect your intellectual property, and virtual offices. 

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