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About Slovakia

Slovak Republic, popularly known as Slovakia is a small Central European country with more than 5.6 million people. Slovakia is bordered by Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, and Czech Republic. Slovakia has a GDP of more than $201 billion, making it the 68th biggest country in the world. It has a GDP per capita of more than $20k. Slovakia joined the European Union and NATO in 2004. Slovakia is also a member of the OECD. Slovakia is ranked at position 45 on the World Bank’s ease of doing business index.

Why Register a Company in Slovakia?

  • Slovakia is bordered by many countries. This creates an important market for goods and services.
  • Slovakia is one of the safest countries on earth.
  • Slovakia is a member of many multilateral organizations, which is a good thing.
  • Slovakia has a robust economic growth. It grew by 4.3%, which is better than what the EU grew.
  • Slovakian government has put in place multiple tax and incentives to lure foreign companies.

How to Register a Company in Slovakia

One of the incentives the Slovak government has put in place is that it has simplified the process of registering a company. Here are the steps you need to follow to register a company in Slovakia.

  1. Company name – Select the company name of the company you want to register. The name should be unique. You should check whether the name is available on this portal.
  2. One stop shop – Take the certificate of an available name, memorandum of association, trade licenses, income tax registration, and health insurance registration to a one-stop-shop. 
  3. Minimum share capital – Use the company name to open a bank account and then deposit the minimum share capital. All these documents will go to the company registra and you will get your company number.

FAQs on Company Registration in Slovakia

What are the types of businesses you can open in Slovakia?
  1. Private Limited Company – This is a company that has between 1 and 50 shareholders. It is a common type of business and has a minimum share capital of EUR 500k.
  2. Public Limited Company – This is similar to a private limited company but has more shareholders and a minimum share capital of EUR 25,000.
  3. General Partnership – This company is formed by two or more partners. It has no minimum capital.
  4. Limited partnership – This is similar to a general partnership but it has a limited liability.
What is the corporate tax in Slovakia?

The corporate tax in Slovakia is 21%. As with all EU countries, there is also a value added tax that starts at 20%. There is also a withholding tax on domestic payments.

What documents are required to register a company in Slovakia?

The most important documents are your identity card or passport. You must have some licenses to operate some type of businesses. For example, you must be a qualified lawyer and a member of the Slovakia bar association to open a law firm in Slovakia.

How long does it take to register a company in Slovakia?

It takes less than a day to register a sole proprietorship in Slovakia. More complex types of businesses take a little longer.

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