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Greece is one of the most well-known European countries. Often called the cradle of western civilization, Greece became a member of the European Union in 1981. The country has a population of about 10 million people and has a GDP of more than $200 billion. Most recently, the country made headlines during its debt crisis. The country’s GDP has declined from more than $300 billion. In recent years, the GDP has been improving after the country received a bail out from the IMF and the European Union. Greece is ranked at position 72 on the World Bank’s ease of doing business.

Why Register a Company in Greece?

  • The country’s economy is coming back after going through a recession.
  • Greece has high unemployment rates. This means that labour costs are reasonably lower.
  • Greece is a member of the European Union, which has a large market.
  • Greece has excellent weather. This means you can do business throughout the year.
  • Infrastructure. The country has developed infrastructure that make it easy to do business.
  • Greece has vast investment opportunities.

How to register a company in Greece

  1. Search and register your company name. You need to do this at the Chamber of commerce and industry.
  2. Submit documents. You need to file your business documents at the Athens Bar Association. This is the stage where your articles of association will be signed.
  3. Deposit share capital. Open a bank account and deposit funds the minimum share capital. 
  4. Document submission. Submit documents to the secretariat of the court. Here, you will get a registration number. 
  5. Get the company seal and apply for tax registration.

FAQs for Company Registration in Greece

What types of companies can be registered in Greece?
  • Anonymos Eteria (AE) – This type of business is also known as a corporation. The minimum share capital is EUR 24,000.
  • Eteria Periorismenis Efthynis (EPE) – This is a limited liability capital. It does not have a minimum share capital. 
  • Branch of a foreign company – This is when a foreign company decides to register a company in Greece. The country needs more documents.
  • Omorythmos Eteria (OE) – This is a general partnership that has no minimum share deposit.
  • Eterorythmos Eteria (EE) – This is also known as a limited partnership. It is similar to general partnership, with the main difference being that the liability is limited.
  • Idiotiki Kefalaiohiki (IKE) – This is a company that is liable for its corporate debt.
  • Kinopraxia (JV) – This is a joint venture.
What is the corporate tax in Greece?

Greece has one of the highest corporate taxes in the European Union. It has a corporate tax of 28%. This is set to drop to 27% in 2020, 26% and 25% respectively in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

How long does registering a company in Greece take?

It depends. For IKEs, the process can take less than a week. It can go for up to 3 months for large companies.

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