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Slovenia Business Registration

It is one of the countries in central Europe and borders Austria, Hungary, Italy, and Croatia. It is considered to be one of the safest in the region. Its GDP is over $48 billion and it has a population of over 2 million people. Slovenian and Italian are the major languages spoken by the citizens. The World Bank has listed Slovenia as the 40th easiest country in the world to trade in.  

Reasons to Start a Business in Slovenia

  1. It is an EU member state hence entrepreneurs have access to all the embedded markets.
  2. Its economy has a growth rate of 4.5%; a figure that is higher than that of the region.
  3. The wages are affordable hence an entrepreneur can meet the expenses of a substantial skilled workforce. 
  4. Individuals and companies are not subjected to property tax.
  5. The Slovenian government offers various incentives to businesses.
  6. Investments in R&D do not attract any tax.

How to Start a Business in Slovenia?

If you are a Slovenian citizen or any other EU member state, you have to have your national ID to establish a business. Individuals from other regions require a valid visa that permits you to conduct business in the country. If you are in the latter category, a legitimate immigration lawyer can assist you obtain the needed documents. 

Types of Businesses in Slovenia

In Slovenia, one can register a company within the following categories:

  1. Sole trader (s.p)
  2. Unlimited liability company (d.n.o)
  3. Limited liability company (d.o.o)
  4. Public limited company (d.d)
  5. Limited partnership (k.d)
  6. Limited partnership with share capital (k.d.d)
  7. Branch
  8. Institute 

Steps of Starting a Company in Slovenia

The limited liability company is the commonly registered entity in Slovenia. To complete the registration of this business type, you will need to complete these steps:

  1. Reserve your business name in the country’s Court Register.
  2. Complete the LLC establishment process at the VEM Point. This procedure has to be done by one of the company’s directors, founders, or procurators. The process involves the preparation of articles of association, statement of appointment, notification form for Slovenia’s tax administration, statement of the company’s members, business representatives, and the representatives. 
  3. Open a temporary account with any off the local banks and deposit 7,500 euros; which is usually the minimum share capital.  
  4. Take the proof of payment to VEM. 
  5. Wait for the processing of resolution of registration; which usually takes up to 4 days.
  6. Open the company’s bank account. 

FAQs for Company Registration Slovenia

What documents are the documents required to register a company in Slovenia?

You need a number of documents to register a company in Slovenia. First, if you are a Slovenian citizen, you need to produce your national identity card or passport. This is because you need to be over eighteen to register a company in Slovenia. You also need tax clearance certificates. Second, if you are a foreigner, you need to produce the necessary visa or proof of residence. Third, you need some industry certificates for some types of businesses. For example, if you are starting a law firm, you need evidence that you are a qualified lawyer.

How long does it take to register a company in Slovenia?

The process of registering a company in Slovenia takes between a day to several weeks. Simple business types like sole proprietorship take less than a week to be completed. Other companies like foreign companies require more weeks. 

What is the corporate tax rate in Slovenia?

The corporate tax rate in Slovenia is 19%. This is below the average corporate tax rate in the European Union. As with all EU members, Slovenia also charges a value added tax of 22%.

Do I need to be physically present to register a company in Slovenia?

No. You can use a proxy, who will help you register the business. At GFSC Global, we are the leading proxy that helps hundreds of companies in Slovenia. We are a one-stop shop and can assist with many services like patent defense, litigation, and bank accounts opening.

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