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Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing industry. Developed in 2009, the industry has seen significant growth. At one point in 2017, the combined market value of cryptocurrencies was almost $1 trillion. In the past few years, many blockchain-related companies have been formed. At GFSC Global, we help blockchain and crypto-related companies establish in a legal manner in many countries in Europe and in offshore jurisdictions.

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GFSC Global is a leading international corporate and legal services company. Our company has decades of experience serving local and international companies in most parts of the world.

At GFSC Global, we offer multiple services to corporate organizations in all sectors of the economy. Some of our services are company incorporation, tax consulting, legal services, licensing, banking, audit and accounting, and financial advisory to global organizations.

Our Services Are:


  • Consulting – Our team of experts consult and provide the best strategies to operate in multiple countries.
  • Licensing – We help blockchain companies receive the required licenses to operate in multiple countries.
  • Due diligence – We help companies conduct due diligence on their crypto projects and partners.
  • Internal and external audits – We help companies perform internal and external audits for their projects.
  • Structuring of companies – We help companies structure their operations to reduce their tax burden.