Bank Accounts

Opening of Bank Accounts

GFSC Global consultants are able to provide valuable, confidential and comprehensive consultancy to clients for establish Corporate or Personal Bank Account in more than 50 Jurisdictions, offshore and onshore.

GFSC Global acts as a licensed introducer between the client and the bank, which makes the process of opening a Bank Account faster and easier.

We undertake the opening of your Bank Account with the bank of your choice. Such Bank Account can have all operations available including: online banking, VISA card, Mastercard etc.

Opening of Merchant Accounts

A merchant account represents a special type of bank account which is set up for the purpose of depositing funds from credit and debit card sales.

We, at GFSC Global, are able to understand your needs and offer you a variety of merchant accounts from all over the world based on your needs. We act as a licensed introducer between the client and the PSP and/or EMI and that makes the process much easier and faster without any effort from the client.

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GFSC Global

Can Assist With Bank Accounts
In The Following Jurisdictions:

Czech RepublicLuxembourgUnited Kingdom
Anquilla Jersey Saint Kitts and Nevis
Antigua and Barbuda Hong Kong Saint Lucia
Bahamas Man Island Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Bahrain Labuan Samoa
Barbados Liberia Seychelles
>Belize Liechtenstein Singapore
Bermuda Malaysia South Africa
British Virgin Islands IBC Marshall Islands Switzerland
Brunei Mauritius Turks and Caicos
Canada Monaco UAE Dubai Free and Offshore Zones
Cayman Islands Nevis Ukraine
Comoros New Zealand Uruguay
Cook Islands Panama USA Delaware
Costa Rica Puerto Rico USA Nevada
Dominica Russian Federation Vanuatu