Residence Permit


An investor can get an Andorra residence permit by investing at least €400,000 in the country’s economy. Andorran residents don’t pay capital gains and dividends taxes and save on income and corporate taxes. Residence permit holders can visit France and Spain without visas and get visas to the Schengen Area, the USA, Canada and other countries under a fast-track procedure.

The Andorra residence permit by investment does not give the right to work and start a business as all income must come from abroad.

The jurisdiction of Andorra is suitable for registering the tax residency of an international business or opening a new company. The corporate tax rate is 10%.

  1. Visa-free entry to France and Spain
    Andorran residents visit the two neighbouring countries freely.
  2. Get visas to the Schengen Area, the UK, the USA, and Canada under expedited and simplified procedures.
    A Schengen visa is issued within 1 day, and visas to other countries – in a few days.
  3. Low tax rates
    There is no tax on wealth and inheritance for tax residents, and the rate on dividends, capital gains and profits is only 10%.
    Inheritance, wealth, profits and dividends from a holding are not taxed.
  4. No automatic exchange of banking information for tax residents
    Andorra is better than any other European jurisdiction at keeping data about its residents. Local banks do not report foreign investors’ accounts to other countries tax authorities.
  5. Quality medicine: TOP 5 in world rankings
    The compulsory insurance covers up to 90% of all medical expenses. The average life expectancy in the country is 83 years.
  6. Education for children
    At school, children study Catalan, French, Spanish and English.
  1. Real estate
  2. Government bonds
  3. A business
  4. An interest-free deposit

The process takes 2 months.

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