Accounting & Auditing Services

Keeping the accounting function of your company in-house might prove to be costly and time consuming. Outsourcing the accounting function of your company might be the best solution, to provide you with ease of mind and let you concentrate on expanding and evolving the operational part of your company.

Our team of professionally qualified accountants can advise and assist with all aspects of accounting, payroll, tax and VAT compliance you may anticipate. We can provide efficient accounting services that ensure accurate reliable and timely financial information.

Through our experienced and qualified team, we can provide the following services:

  1. Maintenance of proper books and records in any currency
  2. Payroll services
  3. Invoicing services
  4. Preparation of Budgets and Management Accounts
  5. Preparation of stand-alone and consolidated financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  6. Tax planning of International Business Groups
  7. Registration with VAT authorities (Local, VIES, INTRASTAT)
  8. Financial Statements Audit of all industries
  9. Internal Audits
  10. Risk Assurance
  11. Quality Control Audits
  12. Regulatory Audits

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Professional Assistance
in the below accounting-related services:

At GFSC Global, we have a full team of qualified and certified accountants with decades in the industry. Our team members are well-versed with emerging accounting issues and are well-updated on the new global accounting standards. We help companies by helping them with tailor-made accounting solutions. Some of our services are:

  • Conducting internal and external audits.
  • A complete outsourced accounting department.
  • Making general and specific vendor payments.
  • Managing accounts payable and account receivables.
  • Analysing books and comparing performance with those of peers.
  • Preparation of financial statements and reports.

Companies around the world have to pay taxes. At GFSC Global, we help companies with their tax services. We help them understand changes in taxation laws and help them maximize the amount of savings they can make. We do all this while having keen regard to the law of the land. Some of our tax services are:

  • International tax consulting.
  • Preparation, amending, and filing tax returns.
  • Setting up tax payment plans.
  • Tax planning.
  • Tax refunds.

Payroll is one of the most time and cost-consuming part of running a business. This is because companies must ensure that employees are paid on time and that all payments and taxes are paid accurately. This is where payroll services come in. At GFSC Global, we help companies save time and money by handling their payroll services. We use some of the most popular payroll products like Quickbooks to help them simplify this. Some of the work we do are:

  • Employee payment.
  • Payroll Tax processing
  • Employee number reconciliation
  • After-the-fact payroll processing

At GFSC Global, our human capital is the most important part of our business. We have a team of global employees who operate in more than 70 countries. The team is made up of the most experienced and young professionals. This wealth of expertise give us an edge in helping other companies. We do this using our consulting and advisory services arm. In this arm, our consulting and advisory services include:

  • Outsourced Chief Financial Officer
  • Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer
  • Regulations consulting
  • Technology consulting
  • Cost cutting strategies
  • Financial budgeting
  • Market research
  • Mergers and acquisition

Companies need to have a long-term view. Our work is to help them come up with those plans and turn them to reality. We consult with companies by helping them achieve their short and long-term goals. Some our financial services we offer our global clients are:

  • Succession planning.
  • Employee education
  • Short-term investment opportunities
  • Supply chain management

Companies are operating in a business environment that is changing rapidly. Regulations are changing and governments are being changed. As such, companies need to maintain confidence and trust.  Our assurance services helps companies to operate in a complicated world with confidence. We serve global and local organizations with the same intensive focus on quality and efficiency. Some of our assurance services are:

  • Regulatory Audit
  • Financial advisory services
  • Forensic and integrity services
  • Risk advisory
  • Quality Control

Companies are operating in a risky period. The number of risks is increasing. These risks range from traditional natural disasters to modern risks like technological disruption. At GFSC Global, we have invested heavily on hiring some of the best risk professionals in the industry. These individuals combine industry knowledge and technical experience in helping you deal with the most pressing issues. Some of our insurance advisory services are:

  • Business insurance
  • Risk advisory
  • Worker compensation insurance
  • Health savings accounts