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GFSC Founder / CEO Isavella Evripidou on Licensing for Start-ups and Crypto

GFSC Founder / CEO Isavella Evripidou on
Licensing for Start-ups and Crypto

GFSC Global, International Corporate and Legal Service Provider, licensed in EU and other jurisdictions, with over 20 years of experience in Corporate, Legal, Immigration, Gaming, Financial, Banking and Accounting services with main goal to offer a full range of high quality, tailor-made services to corporate and physical clients worldwide through a qualified team of professionals.

Isavella Evripidou is the founder and CEO of GFSC, who had an interview with Fazzaco back in this May

Fazzaco: Before helping a firm register an oversea company or apply for a foreign license, will you conduct a qualification review?

Isavella: Of course, we do full check of proposed structure, people involved, their suitability for proposed positions. Afterwards, we guide our clients, inform them and proceed according to law requirements.

Fazzaco: What licenses will you recommend to a start-up broker seeking to enter the Southeast Asian market? What kind of advice will you give them?

Isavella:  Currently, the best license for start-ups is in Mauritius. It’s quite easy to get and we can fully assist our clients with all required local services, as we have an office there. For Southeast Asian market in particular, I would suggest a license in Vanuatu. It’s easy to get as well and requirements are not so difficult to comply with.

Fazzaco: CySEC has suspended / withdrawn the license of multiple brokers in recent years. Also, there have been a number of firms giving up their Cypriot CIF license. What’s your opinion on this?

Isavella: Cyprus financial market is very regulated and expensive market. By my opinion, the companies that have decided to withdraw their licenses were simply not ready to deal and comply with all requirements.

Fazzaco: As an expert in getting licenses for financial businesses, you undoubtedly have a deep understanding of various licenses. How do you think about onshore and offshore licenses?

Isavella: Indeed, I am an expert with more than 20 years in financial industry and have a deep understanding of a lot of licenses requirements worldwide. I strongly believe that both jurisdictions (offshore and EU) should be considered in one structure, where the combination will lead to more experience and offers towards their customers on a worldwide basis.

Fazzaco: GFSC also provides crypto license application services. Could you please shed some insight into the licensing of cryptocurrency activities in mainstream jurisdictions such as the UK, the US, Australia and Cyprus, etc?

Isavella: Yes, we do assist our clients with obtainment of crypto licenses in different jurisdictions, and in Cyprus as well. I think the world is ready for such regulation and a proper licensing is needed. The requirements are similar in all jurisdictions mentioned above, except capital requirements.

There are jurisdictions for start-ups and for established and licensed companies that would like to expand their targeted markets.

Fazzaco: How is your business going in the first half of 2021? And what do you expect from the second half of 2021?

Isavella: Our business is going very well so far, thanks to the strong strategy and financial projections. I do believe that the second half of 2021 will be on the same level as the first one.