Isavella Evripidou: “Professionalism and integrity is the best combination”

Isavella Evripidou: “Professionalism and integrity is the best combination”

Successful Business talks to the founder of GFSC Global Group of Companies, Isavella Evripidou about the current role of Cyprus as a business centre and the intricacies of the relocation and headquartering on the island.

Cyprus has a long history as a business centre, but the matters of relocation and headquartering came forward only 3-4 years ago. What was the initial reason? How has Covid-19 changed the situation?
Cyprus has always been an attractive jurisdiction with numerous benefits for investors welcoming and onboarding different types of businesses here. To our customers worldwide, we suggest Cyprus as the first option. The pandemic did not change much, to be honest, we had even more requests and customers were more specific with those.

What are the main steps in the relocation process and how long does it take? How can your company be useful?
First of all, before relocating your business, you should be fully aware of all advantages and disadvantages of a particular jurisdiction, annual obligations, local legislation. Naturally, assistance from professionals, such as our Group of Companies, is needed in any case. We are always ready to assist our customers with suitable structure and understand their needs. As to the timeframe, it varies according to the situation in a specific original jurisdiction.

What are the most common challenges foreigners face when it comes to relocating or establishing a business in Cyprus?
Most of the times the problem is the delay in obtaining the documents from the Registrar of Companies of the business’ original jurisdiction. In Cyprus, we do everything very quickly.

How have you improved your business this year? How would your clients describe the experience of working with your company?
Our business has improved this year due to the online activities and actual expos that we have had. This has brought us more clients and projects, of which we are very proud. All our clients highlight our professionalism and integrity! I think this is the best combination to serve your customers and have them happy!

Isavella Evripidou
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